Friday, November 18, 2011

To transfer/download eBook to kindle

Download the eBook on your desktop first and then transfer it to kindle.
Follow the link to see how to download eBook on desktop:
Then Download the Caliber software on your desktop from the following link:
Kindle cannot display the downloaded eBook. Therefore use the Calibre software to convert the downloaded eBook to .mobi format; Kindle displays this format very well

Steps for copying the converted file to kindle:
  •  Start by connecting your PC to your Kindle with the USB cable. If you have done this, then your Kindle should indicate that the Kindle is in USB mode.
  • Now, turning to your computer. If you are using a PC then click on My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  • Navigate to the Kindle device and find the folder Documents. This is where you will place your eBooks to be read on your Kindle. After you have copied over your files, you are ready to read your eBooks.

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