Friday, November 18, 2011

To transfer/download eBook to nook

Download the eBook on your desktop first and then transfer it to nook.

Follow the link below to see how to download eBook on Desktop:

Steps for transferring the book to nook are:
  • Connect the nook to your computer and open the adobe digital edition in your computer.
  • While your nook is connected to computer and the Adobe Digital Edition is open place your cursor over the book you want to transfer.
  • Your nook should be visible in the left hand column. Drag and drop the book from your Adobe library to your nook device.  A small window will appear indicating that the book is being copied.
  • Once it closes you can check to see if the process is completed.
  • Go to my computer and click on your nook.
  • Open and look at the items on your nook. You should find the book you just copy in your digital editions file on your nook.
  • Sometimes the books may appear in another folder like documents or eBooks so make sure you check them all.
  • Then disconnect your nook from the computer by ejecting.
  •  Start up your nook, open your library and find your newly transferred book.

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