Friday, November 18, 2011

To Download eBook on Mac System

Step-1 Download and install eBook reader software
Download and install two types of eBook reading software
Step-2 Select an eBook
Search any of Book websites on the internet and select an eBook you want to download.

Step-3 Download eBook on your computer
Choose a file format in order to download the eBook on your computer. The format you select determines your next steps.

.html – To open an html-formatted eBook, just click on the link. The book will open in Safari. To save the file, click on the File button on the toolbar at the top of your browser window, and select "Save As." Select “Web Archive” to save the file in html.

.pdf –Click on the pdf link to open and read your eBook. Your eBook will open in Safari. To save the file, just click on the File button, select "Save As," and save the pdf to your eBooks folder

  •  Click on the ePub link under the eBook you would like to open.
  • Your Download window will pop up. You will see the eBook file listed. Double-click on it and it will open in Adobe Digital Editions
  •  To save the eBook, switch to the Library view in Adobe Digital Editions. (The default view is the Reading view.) You can do this by clicking on the book icon in the upper left corner of the Adobe Digital Editions
  •  In Library view, click once on the downward arrow next to the word “LIBRARY.” Select the first option, “Add Item to Library.” Navigate to your Downloads folder, and select the eBook file by clicking once on it. It is now added to your Library
  •  To open the eBook in the future, click on the Finder icon in your dock, then click on File and select "New Finder Window." Under Applications in the list of places on the left side of the Finder window, double-click on Applications. Select Adobe Digital Editions by double-clicking on it. The reader will open and your eBook library will be visible. Double-click on your ePub eBook to open it.

To transfer/download eBook to kindle

Download the eBook on your desktop first and then transfer it to kindle.
Follow the link to see how to download eBook on desktop:
Then Download the Caliber software on your desktop from the following link:
Kindle cannot display the downloaded eBook. Therefore use the Calibre software to convert the downloaded eBook to .mobi format; Kindle displays this format very well

Steps for copying the converted file to kindle:
  •  Start by connecting your PC to your Kindle with the USB cable. If you have done this, then your Kindle should indicate that the Kindle is in USB mode.
  • Now, turning to your computer. If you are using a PC then click on My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  • Navigate to the Kindle device and find the folder Documents. This is where you will place your eBooks to be read on your Kindle. After you have copied over your files, you are ready to read your eBooks.

To transfer/download eBook to nook

Download the eBook on your desktop first and then transfer it to nook.

Follow the link below to see how to download eBook on Desktop:

Steps for transferring the book to nook are:
  • Connect the nook to your computer and open the adobe digital edition in your computer.
  • While your nook is connected to computer and the Adobe Digital Edition is open place your cursor over the book you want to transfer.
  • Your nook should be visible in the left hand column. Drag and drop the book from your Adobe library to your nook device.  A small window will appear indicating that the book is being copied.
  • Once it closes you can check to see if the process is completed.
  • Go to my computer and click on your nook.
  • Open and look at the items on your nook. You should find the book you just copy in your digital editions file on your nook.
  • Sometimes the books may appear in another folder like documents or eBooks so make sure you check them all.
  • Then disconnect your nook from the computer by ejecting.
  •  Start up your nook, open your library and find your newly transferred book.

To download eBook on iPad

  • Go to the App store on your iPad
  •   Search for the overdrive media console application
  •  Click  the application to open and install it on your ipad
  • Go to your web browser(SAFARI) and open the respective bookstore  website
  • Click the eBook you want to download
  • Then the page displaying URL LINK .acsm will appear asking it to open in overdrive
  • Select the tab to open the eBook in overdrive
  • Your newly bought eBook will be stored and open in overdrive

To transfer eBook to iPad

Download the eBook on your desktop first and then transfer it to iPad.
Follow the link to see how to download eBook on desktop:
    Steps to transfer eBook to iPad are: 
    •  After the file has finished downloading, Launch iTunes by clicking its icon.
    •  Click to select Add to Library from the File menu.
    •   Select the eBook file from your Desktop and click the Choose button.
    •   Click to select Books from the list of libraries on the left.
    •  Connect your iPad to the computer and select it from the list of devices on the left.
    • Click to select the Books tab.
    •  Check the Sync Books check box if it isn't already enabled. If all books are selected then all your Books will be transferred to the iPad. If selected books are selected then you will need to look below for the newly added Book and check the check box next to its title.
    •  Now click the Apply or Sync button at the bottom right of the window. You may receive a warning that this will erase all the books on your iPad if this is your first Books sync. Click the Sync Books button.
    •  Once the sync has completed you can open i Books on your iPad to read your newly transferred title.
    • If you do not have i Books on your iPad you can download it free from the App Store. 

    To download eBook on Desktop

    • Please download Adobe Digital Editions from the following link:             
    •   Download the file to your computer.
    • Once you hit the download button, the file that you will be prompted to download is “.acsm” file.
    •  Open the .acsm file. This file should be opened with Adobe Digital Editions.
    •   The e-book file will be stored in the folder “My Digital Editions” in My Documents.